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Oracle’s BI Foundation is augmented with a comprehensive portfolio of packaged BI and Performance Management applications. Oracle’s open BI foundation integrates with heterogeneous middleware and infrastructure environments, and provides universal access to all enterprise data types, including relational, OLAP, and unstructured data sources. All Oracle BI products are integrated with common metadata, security, clustering, administration services, query request generation and optimized data access services.

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Qlikview Our technical and business process analysts work closely with your managers and senior board members to help define key requirements and suggest best practice that we have gleaned from working with other organisations that have delivered quantifiable benefits. We also provide Qlikview training to your staff on how to create their own analysis routines Qlikview dashboards.
Oracle BI

Oracle’s complete range of best in class BI capabilities include enterprise reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, dashboards, and scorecards. Users are presented with a wide spectrum of rich visualization options, embedded search, collaboration, mobile access, Microsoft Office integration, and the ability to initiate actions directly from their dashboards.

QlikView Business Intelligence software can uncover significant insights that allow organisations to open up new avenues of revenue, make significant cost savings or provide operational efficiencies to help growth. Our consulting approach focuses extensively on the elements that drive the business and ways of making that data available to key business decision makers in a format that meets their role within the organisation.

Our IT consultants combine their keen and highly developed technology skills with a thorough understanding of business processes and requirements. We apply the latest practices and techniques to deliver key advices to you and your business ensuring that your companies receives the best possible IT Consulting advice resulting in solutions that not only deliver on the needs of your business but help you improve on efficiency and productivity.

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Business Intelligence Recruitment

VenGreen Solutions is not only the only Business Intelligence oriented recruitment agency in the UK, but is also the sole company to concentrate on multiple BI products including QlikView, Oracle BI and Informatica. Keep an eye out for some of the most exciting positions coming from our UK based clients.


Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate The Solution for Enterprise-wide Real Time Data Needs Real-time information Database and applications, Mixed sources, distributed systems, legacy, OLTP, OLAP Mission Critical Applications & Data, Business Intelligence, Reporting for Customers, Partners & Employees Real-time Access Oracle GoldenGate delivers real-time access of real-time information, enabling companies to dramatically improve the availability, reliability, and performance of critical data across enterprise systems.


Oracle Business Intelligence

As organizations grow and mature, so does their data. The volume and diversity of that data can quickly overwhelm a business. Vengreen has the ability to organize your data and turn it into useful information that is accessible to all who need it. With a simple Business Intelligence solution, we can provide to a wide variety of users the means necessary to capture, process, deliver and analyze information.



What is the market doing? What are your competitors up to? What is happening to the demand for certain products and services? What capacity is there to service those needs? The answers to those questions are found in business intelligence and business intelligence is all about having a competitive edge.

It adds value to your existing information to give you a market advantage. In a responsive environment, well managed business intelligence enables senior management to create the right company profile at the right time. Its value is seen in companies that position themselves to capture the lead, just as the market adjusts. In extreme cases, they may even create that market adjustment.


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