About Vengreen

VenGreen is a leading systems integration consultancy, specializing in ERP, CRM and BI solutions. Our comprehensive expertise includes manufacturing, public sector and financial industries. VenGreen has provided hundreds of uniquely tailored solutions to our customers, primarily in the banking and public sector industries. Our success derives from an unwavering desire to make each client a success. We have partnered with the premier software publishers in their respective markets.

Commitment to our Customers

As a VenGreen customer, you will have access to:

01A dedicated account manager who serves as your advocate and liaison between VenGreen and the software publisher.

02Our team of certified business consultants who provide expertise in the areas of implementation, general consulting, and development. In addition, our proven methodology- that we have developed over the years- results in a seamless transition for you during the implementation phase.

03Our state-of-the art training facility and training courses, which are designed to provide a “hands-on” training experience so that you get the most out of your new investment.

04Local customer support available via telephone, e-mail and the Internet to address software questions and challenges.

05Frequent customer-centric communications, including executive briefings, company and product newsletters, user-group meetings, technical bulletins, product promotions and training schedules.

Business Intelligence software can uncover significant insights that allow organisations to open up new avenues of revenue, make significant cost savings or provide operational efficiencies to help growth. Our consulting approach focuses extensively on the elements that drive the business and ways of making that data available to key business decision makers in a format that meets their role within the organisation.

Our technical and business process analysts work closely with your managers and senior board members to help define key requirements and suggest best practice that we have gleaned from working with other organisations that have delivered quantifiable benefits. We also provide training to both IT and non-technical staff on how to create their own analysis routines and reports to give them freedom to take your Business Intelligence requirements in the direction that best suits your unique processes and organisational structure.

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