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mac beauty products price price of mac lipstick Online Store Offer Cheap Pinks in the past have been either bubble gum Betty or too pale and close to dead. The new colors for 2006, however, have found their middle ground - more than visible on the lips but also refined and elegant, giving pink a new found respect. Most progressive cosmetic lines are now on the pink bandwagon - coming out with luscious, pale, but dimensional pinks, taupey pinks or warm pinks, all which contain just a hint of yellow in the color mixture. This gives them their flesh tone and salmon warm richness. And these new expressive colors are now housed in sleek, slim compacts for busy women on the go. Bobby Brown has "the express face" which contains three shadows, three lips stains, and a blush to help keep you perky throughout the day. The size of the color wells are perfect: not too tiny so that you run out before the next season, and not too giving so that you tire of the products. And don't be afraid of the new shimmery eye shadows that Bobby has available for women over 30! They're so refined, that if the skin is hydrated and the eye shadow is worn properly, crepeing will never be an issue. price of mac lipstick

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