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  • QlikView 12.10 Service Release 8 and QlikView Governance Dashboard 2.0.4 now available

    Hello all QlikView users,


    We are pleased to announce that QlikView 12.10 Service Release 8 [SR8] is now available on our download site.   SR8 is a relatively small service release and includes 7 bug fixes - you can find details of the fixes in the attached release notes.


    We are also pleased to announce that the QlikView Governance Dashboard 2.0.4 is available on our download site.  This release contains a few key bug fixes which are detailed in the attached release notes.


    Remember when upgrading any software to always follow best practices and make your backups.

    Kind regards

    Global Support Team

  • Replacing Null Values in Multiple Fields
    In this week's Qlik Design Blog I am pleased to share some tips from our own Mitul Vadgama of our Qlik Consulting Services team.  Mitul was recently working at a customer site when he noticed something that seemed a bit off when analyzing the

  • How to read and use the new Qlik Sense Box Plot
    Continuing with the description of the new charts available in the Qlik Sense June 2017 release, today is the Box plot’s turn.   The American mathematician John W. Tukey introduced the box-and-whisker plot (called simply a box plot) in his

  • Auxilio na montagem de Set Analysis

    Boa tarde Pessoal,


    Segue um link para quem quer um auxilio no momento de montar seu Set Analysis.

    Acabei de utilizar e me ajudou.


    Quem tiver interesse:

    Set Analysis - Construa o seu código


    Caso já conheciam, me desculpem.



  • Tricks and tips

    Algumas dicas que podem ser utilizadas frequentemente otimizando as aplicações


        1 - Expressão do tipo If(<expressao> < 0, 0, <expressao>)

        Esse tipo de expressão pode ser simplicada com a função Rangemax() que traz o maior valor entre dois ou mais

        If(<expressao> < 0, 0, <expressao>) -> Rangemax(<expressao>,0)


        2 - Expressão do tipo If(<expressao> > 1000, 1000, <expressao>)

        Esse tipo de expressão pode ser simplicada com a função Rangemin() que traz o maior valor entre dois ou mais

        If(<expressao> > 1000, 1000, <expressao>)-> Rangemin(<expressao>,1000)


       3 - Expressão do tipo if(isnull(<expressao>),0,<expressao>)

        Esse tipo de expressão pode ser simplicada com a função Alt() que além de ser mais curta, evita que a <expressao> seja avaliada duas vezes

       if(isnull(<expressao>),0,<expressao>)  ->  Alt(<expressao>,0)

  • Using the Web File Connector with a Bit of Video Game Value Analysis
    In the this video edition of the Qlik Design Blog, I show you how I use the Web File connector to combine retro-video game pricing data (Sega Master System) with my own local video game collection. The Web File connector is available in all Qlik Sense

  • Using webpack with Capability APIs
    I've seen a few people asking recently if and how they can use webpack to build their mashup. The answer is yes, and I'm gonna discuss a few implementation details and provide some example code.   So to use the Qlik Capability APIs, you're probably

  • Qlik NPrinting September 2017 Technical Preview is now available

    Qlik customers & partners are invited to join the Qlik NPrinting September 2017 Technical Preview. This Preview includes several bug fixes and improvements of the overall product stability. It also includes the following new features:

    Report Cycles: Qlik NPrinting September 2017 can generate a separate report file for each combination of one or more dimension values. Each report will be filtered according with the combination of values that generates it.

    Import and Export of Reports: It is possible to export a report into a compressed file and import it into a different installation of Qlik NPrinting.

    Object filters for Qlik Sense charts


    Please use the community to create, participate, and follow discussions on this new release of Qlik NPrinting.


    We look forward to hearing your input!

    Best regards,

    The Products Team

  • Please contribute! Qlik Product Survey

    We would like your help by complete a short survey.  For each completed survey, Qlik will donate $5 one of our favorite charities. MedAir.  You can read more details here:


    Qlik Future Product Design Survey


    Thanks for your time and help!


    Arthur Lee

    VP - Product Design and UX

  • Tour d’horizon des API de Qlik Sense

    Bonjour à tous,


    À ne pas manquer : Jesse Paris, Principal Enterprise Architect, nous montrera lundi à 11h les façons d’utiliser les API de Qlik Sense pour administrer un déploiement en dehors de QMC.


    Au programme de nos ateliers techniques : API, Qlik GeoAnalytics, RA, Bots, Python, NPrinting – ne manquez pas les sessions de ce dernier parcours de la Qlik Summer School.


    Pour vous inscrire :





    À très bientôt,

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