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  • Qlik NPrinting June 2017 is now available!
    The Qlik NPrinting June 2017 is now available from our Customer Download SIte.     Capabilities include:   Extension Support for Qlik NPrinting – The ability to include most third-party extensions in Qlik NPrinting reports.

  • Qlik NPrinting June 2017 is now available

    Hello all NPrinting users,


    Qlik NPrinting June 2017 is now available on our download site.  This release is the latest release for NPrinting and it includes several bug fixes.  Please see the attached release notes for details regarding the bug fixes and the new features introduced in this version.


    Qlik NPrinting June 2017 is also the first Qlik Release following our new naming convention. We will now name major releases with the month and year of release.

    Thank you for choosing Qlik software!

    Kind regards,
    Global Support Team

  • QlikView 12.10 Service Release 7 is now available

    Hello all QlikView users,


    We are pleased to confirm that QlikView 12.10 Service Release 7 [SR7] is now available on our download site.   SR7 is a relatively small service release and includes 9 bug fixes - you can find details of the fixes in the attached release file.  


    Remember when upgrading any software to always follow best practices and make your backups.

    Kind regards

    Global Support Team

  • Smart Search: Creating the Index Before the First Search
    This week I am honored to introduce our newest guest blogger, Laurie Chan-Lam. Laurie is one of our talented architects in Qlik R&D who has personally worked on one of Qlik's unique and game changing capabilities, Smart Search. She recently was

  • Webinar Qlik DataStories avec le retour d'expérience de Solvay

    Bonjour à tous,


    Je vous invite à participer au Webinar Qlik DataStories du 6 juillet, Solvay client historique de Qlik aura le plaisir de partager son expérience et ses bonnes pratiques.


    Lors de cette session vous découvrirez :

    • Comment Solvay s’organise pour tirer pleinement profit de la data dans le contexte de sa transformation digitale
    • Quelles applications ont été développées dans l’entreprise
    • Pourquoi Solvay a choisi d’intégrer Qlik dans son application de CRM Salesforce
    • Quelles sont les bonnes pratiques pour assurer la meilleure ergonomie pour les applications de dataviz


    Découvrez le teaser de ce webinar :


    Vous pouvez vous inscrire depuis le lien suivant :



    Ce webinar sera disponible en replay pour ceux qui n'auront pas pu assister au live.


    À très bientôt,

  • Salesforce and CIO dashboard mashups available to the public
    A while ago I blogged about 2 of our most beautiful mashups in the Demo Team, Salesforce and CIO dashboard.   Case study: Salesforce mashup Jazzing up your Mashups   After I was asked by many for the source files, here are the 2 github pages

  • Discoveries in Population Health

    Identifying patients with type 2 diabetes - a chronic, progressive condition that affects more than 29 million Americans and 415 million people globally - and those at risk for diabetes, is a first step in closing care gaps and improving the health of a population.


    Do you have a 360-degree view of patients available at your fingertips, to help you meet quality metrics and improve care? You might think that’s information you’d find in your electronic health record (EHR) system. But we know there is more information about patients than just the data that gets stored in the EHR when they get sick or have an annual visit. These are called Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and they include risk factors that might never be captured by clinicians – things such as credit score, access to quality food, and where you live or work in relation to your closest clinic or hospital...


    My article is continued here with live demos and a video of the Qlik Healthcare Diabetes Discovery app: http://global.qlik.com/us/blog/posts/joe-warbington/discoveries-in-population-health . Please provide any feedback there. Thanks!


    2017-06-22 13_21_12-Diabetes Discovery - Risks Analyzer _ Sheets - Qlik Sense.png


    2017-06-22 13_17_03-Discoveries in Population Health _ Qlik.png

  • Qlik Summer School 2017, découvrez les nouveautés !

    Bonjour à tous,


    Après une édition 2016 réussi, je vous invite à rejoindre en juillet le nouveau programme de webinar de la Qlik Summer School avec 3 parcours au choix : nouveautés, bonnes pratiques, ateliers techniques.


    Parmi les sujets qui seront abordés :


    • La feuille de route des solutions Qlik d’ici à 2020
    • Les nouveautés Qlik Cloud
    • Les bonnes pratiques du storytelling
    • Les API de Qlik Sence
    • Les premiers pas avec NPrinting
    • Comment appeler R et Python depuis Qlik Sense.


    Vous pouvez déjà vous inscrire depuis le lien suivant : http://go.qlik.com/FRA_2017_Summer_School_Webinar_Series_PRG_Registration.html?sourceID1=community


    Les programmes seront disponibles en replay pour ceux qui n’ont pas pu assister au live.


    À très bientôt !

  • Latest Information on QlikView 11.20 Service Release 17

    Hi all QlikView users,


    Following up on the removal of QlikView 11.20 SR17 from the download site, we are currently going through the testing phase on the fix needed for the issue found in SR17.   We have also taken the opportunity to fix another issue which has existed in earlier releases, in the "new" 11.20 SR17.   We currently expect to re-release 11.20 SR17 in the middle of next week, around the 28th of June.


    We will announce the release of SR17 on this blog as soon as it is made available.   Thank you for your patience!



    Global Support Team

  • Qonnections Keynote Now Available
    It is hard to believe that more than a month has passed since we returned to the office from Qonnections, our annual partner & customer conference.   The event is a lot like a family reunion and it was fantastic to see everyone as well as

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