What is the market doing? What are your competitors up to? What is happening to the demand for certain products and services? What capacity is there to service those needs? The answers to those questions are found in business intelligence and business intelligence is all about having a competitive edge.

It adds value to your existing information to give you a market advantage. In a responsive environment, well managed business intelligence enables senior management to create the right company profile at the right time. Its value is seen in companies that position themselves to capture the lead, just as the market adjusts. In extreme cases, they may even create that market adjustment.

Imagine the value of ongoing, real-time profile development to your competitive position.

What is QlikView?

QlikView is a complete software suite for business analysis. It is quick-to-deploy, easy-to learn, and easy to use. QlikView is based on a single architecture to cover all types of analysis and reporting needs for all organisations. QlikView's patented In-Memory Associative technology never restricts the end user in the pursuit of knowledge hidden in operational system data. QlikView easily scales to meet the needs of any organisation. QlikView is revolutionary and introduces new rules in business analysis.



QlikView's patented, in-memory technology rapidly combines data from any source. Using SAP, Salesforce or other enterprise applications. Got data in Excel, XML, or CSV formats? Have data stored in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL? Using a data warehouse? No problem. QlikView's got you covered.

Search Associatively

Search Associatively

QlikView's associative search is what's next. It provides a familiar search experience to deliver fast business answers. Go ahead and enter your search terms. Similar to Google's Instant Search, QlikView's associative search provides instant results as you type. Its intuitive interface highlights important relationships in your data. QlikView extends associative search into every list box across every dashboard, enabling users to search indirectly and quickly find detailed answers to critical questions.



Here's the fun part. In just seconds, take your data and see it any way you want. Put it in sexy charts, tables, graphs - every kind imaginable. Make them 2-D or 3-D. Zoom in. Zoom out. Click anywhere for more detail. Remix and reassemble data in new views and create new visualizations for deeper understanding. With QlikView, you'll see your data in a whole new light.

QlikView In-Memory Patented Technology

Powered By In-Memory Technology

The engine behind associative search is QlikView’s next-generation in-memory architecture. It virtually eliminates the problems and complexity plaguing traditional, slow, disk-based and query-based BI tools that deliver little more than static, prepackaged data. With QlikView, all your data is loaded in memory and available for instant associative search and real-time analysis with a few clicks.

QlikView mobile options

Wherever You Go

QlikView provides anytime access through the most popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry. It offers unprecedented freedom from the desktop by delivering dynamic, interactive data analysis, when and where users need it.

QlikView Sharing

Think it, Create it, Share it

QlikView makes your whole organization smarter by enabling every business user to easily create their own QlikView apps. They can even mash them up and integrate them into other complementary apps and share their business insights with anyone. Imagine linking regional sales data from QlikView to locations on Google Maps. How about taking a QlikView inventory analysis and making it available to all business users on SharePoint? QlikView makes all of this a reality via simple-to-use extensions.

QlikView Security

Ironclad Security

QlikView is designed to protect your critical data and analysis assets. QlikView supports security standards specifically designed to safeguard billions of records and tens of thousands of users. QlikView’s advanced, easy-to-administer security console enables you to control which users see which analyses, data, metrics, and results. You can also enforce group, role-based, and individual user policies from individual documents to granular row and value restrictions.

How we can help you?

VenGreen's approach ensures you maximise your investment, not only in software but also in how quickly you start realising value. Our methodology is based on an iterative delivery approach which facilitates rapid BI application development and prototyping that ensures that business users very quickly see a working application in a matter of weeks, provide feedback, test and then refine for a much quicker development cycle. Our methodology also ensures that our clients receive quality customer service during the implementation phase and importantly, well after implementation. We have structured our organisation to foster long-term relationships with our customers. Our dedicated staff are accountable from the very beginning of your project and throughout its entire life-cycle.

We see our implementations as a combination of project management, business integration, education, business scoping and development, implementation and ongoing solution support - all working together to help you get the most from what you do today, and the most out of what you can do tomorrow.

Vengreen's Consulting team can help you:

  • Assess your current organisation’s productivity, performance and information assets
  • BI Project Scoping to ensure your BI strategy enhances your business strategy
  • Build a customised, dynamic & robust Microsoft data warehouse
  • Design & deliver a QlikView business intelligence solution
  • Deliver best-practice packaged BI applications
  • Manage your data more effectively
  • Integrate disparate data to facilitate decision making
  • Integrate with business processes to leverage your information

If you would like to know how we can help you and your business please Contact us.

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