Implementation Services

The core Vengreen consulting group is made up of a highly competent and professional group of Consultants that will help you integrate data and deliver intelligence throughout your organization. To take full advantage of any Business Intelligence software capabilities, the platform must be fully integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. As an expert in this field, Vengreen will install and configure your BI Platform for use by everyone from your external constituents/customers to decision makers and administrators.

As part of our Vengreen Business Intelligence Installation Services, we will:

  • Assess your current IT infrastructure and make recommendations for the correct BI implementation.
  • Install the BI platform according to specifications and vendor recommended best practice methodology.
  • Define the BI Metadata Repository and the Data Model.
  • Complete configuration of BI Servers and Services.
  • Configure users, groups and their security within the BI platform.
  • Install and configure required third-party software (e.g. Web server software, run-time, and development environments).
  • Configure web server for internal and external audiences.
  • Validate and test the configuration including access to data sources.
  • Recommend training for staff responsible to manage and maintain the BI platform and infrastructure.

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